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Solicitors in Adelaide Hills
Solicitors in Adelaide Hills

Looking for a high-quality Solicitors in Adelaide Hills? Jackson Associates Solicitors can help you with a variety of legal matters. Her team of highly educated and experienced legal representatives serves her in family law, wills and estates, property settlements, settlement disputes, and more.

Jackson Associates Solicitors has a wealth of experience providing complete legal services to their clients. Advice and representation in all matters including fraudulent Deceased Estate Administration, family law: including: Powers Of Attorney, parental arrangements.

Your Will

Every adult must have a valid will. As the name implies, Will and Powers Of Attorney is “your will or intention,” and your specific choices are not only about evacuating your property but also choosing your executive officer.

For Solicitors in Adelaide Hills Jackson Legal person’s situation is unique and therefore special care must be taken to ensure that all relevant information is taken into consideration when drawing their will.

Advanced Care Directives

This document enables you to hire other people who have been empowered to make decisions on your behalf about your medical care and welfare, but if you are unable to do so on your own for some time. Again, this is a document that relies heavily on the person appointed. This document ensures that written records of your specific wishes, such as health care and treatment, are recorded for future reference.

Probate & Deceased Estates

The word probate means to prove oneself and to prove the validity of a particular will in the context of a will. This is important because evidence of a will or probate enables a third party, such as banks and government departments, to act confidently when transferring assets, for example. Probate & Deceased Estates, however, is not always necessary and we can help you by suggesting that probate is necessary in any particular case.

The process of obtaining a Will of Probate is to produce a series of documents, which, upon signing, are filed in the Supreme Court as an application for probate.

Letters of Administration

Even if a person dies without a will, it is still possible to apply for an arrangement of property known as the Letter of Administration. Deceased Estate Administration the process of applying for administrative grants is governed by law and we are able to assist you in deciding whether you are eligible to apply for such a grant and if you are eligible to help apply.